Saturday, 2 August 2014


Elephant Trek

Come and Join Us at Tangkahan open zoo,to for some days elephant trek in the really wild and 
very dense jungle and reach of flora and fauna.
Tangkahan beside the very beautyful tropical rain jungle and fresh weather, nice river, waterfall, hot spring water,caves,jungle fiew ,big of oil palm plantation, there is also a place of the elephant training center, how to set the elephant be back into their habitat or be able how to live free in the in the jungle .this places is often using as  tourist attraction ,before the elephant really get wild in the jungle

Morning after breakfast starting for Elephant trek with the group,riding your elephant to go through under the tropical rain forest to go on special and iteresting places.
Midday having  rest to geth for some foods for your lunch,,,the trip
will be until in the afternoon ,back to your accomodation, the trip end.

We simply to over of this activities to the public by our programes. locally either abroad who interested of wild animals.

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