Saturday, 2 August 2014


Tour Price: 7 Days Sumatera Land Tour
Price         : Eu: 420/ person,min group ;3 persons.

Included   : Entrance fee,transportation,guide fee,                    
                    meals,tent    and tube rafting for trekking tour, while the trek or rafting is be. 

Trekking Prices:

1.Trekking one day 25 eu/p
2.Trekking two days one night 50 eu/p
3.Trekking three days two nights75 eu/p
4.Trekking five days to Kuta Cane125 eu/p

   Note     : Extra 10 eu for rafting activities
   Included: food,drink,tent
   The Group Will be 3 person minimum

Rafting Prices :
1.One day rafting 60 Eu /p
2.Two days rafting 130 Eu/p
3.Three days rafting 350 Eu/p

Note   :  Small Participan  3 person
Incl     :  Food,drink,Transportation.Tent

 Elephant Trekking Prices:

1.One day elephan trek  60 Eu/p
2.Two days elephan trek 120 Eu/p
3.Three days elephant trek 180 Eu/p
Note   :  Small Participant  3 person
Incl     :  Foods,drinks,transportation,tent.

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